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OurStorypicThank you for touching base to hear our hearts for Thistle Springs Ranch! Our ranch, with its beautiful rolling hills and fields full of native foliage, wildlife, and livestock has been home to many special events facilitating lifelong memories for our family and friends.  When looking for land to build a premier facility, our Johnson County ranch has proven to be the perfect spot! It boasts brilliant sunsets over the lake and is located only 35 minutes south of Fort Worth by way of the Chisholm Trail Parkway.

The three-story barn venue was built in 2012 with love by John and Ann Wright. We combined our talents in design and construction to instill quality and uniqueness into each vintage detail. The facility is flexible enough to host “Texas-sized” weddings or small intimate receptions utilizing the natural backdrops God created for us. Thistle Springs Ranch was designed to be stunning whether adorned with china and crystal for a seated dinner or paper plates and Solo cups for a barbeque!

Eight years ago, Cason asked his sweet Kathleen to be his wife on one of those hills on the ranch. Thistle Springs Ranch has been blessed by their partnership for the past 5 years. The entire Wright Family’s mission is to serve each bride and groom wholeheartedly and selflessly so the spotlight remains on the celebration of marriage. To many, Thistle Springs Ranch is just a “provincial, great place for a rustic, romantic, fun outdoors wedding”, but to us, it is far more… it’s where memories of a lifetime are formed!

The lake is the backdrop to our climate controlled barn, covered pavilion, and bistro lit patio. The venue includes a unique Bridal Suite with private bath and makeup vanities completely separated from an amazing Groom’s Space with its private bath and balcony overlooking miles of countryside. Each element of construction was chosen for authenticity, much from repurposing local resources native to the land like the cedars harvested to décor the bar space and reclaimed lumber and architectural elements throughout.

We are a Christian family business building Thistle Springs Ranch on Christian principles. We personally believe that the Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God that clearly states that marriage involves the union of one man and one woman in permanent sacred fidelity. (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:1-9, Mark 10:1-12) While we personally disagree with the Supreme Court ruling making same sex marriages lawful, we understand that we are called to be obedient to the laws of our country’s governing authorities. (Romans 13:1)

Therefore, we want to extend the love of Jesus Christ to every person affording each the compassion, love, kindness, respect and dignity that Jesus loved us into His salvation with. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and we are not called to be judge of anyone else’s sins. Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins and it is by His grace that we are saved and not of any works on our own. We do want to be clear that we founded Thistle Springs Ranch on the Word of God to be used for His glory as men and women are joined together in holy matrimony but we are willing to accommodate all weddings as prescribed in our current legal system.

We so pray that you will come enjoy the beauty of Thistle Springs Ranch and experience for yourself the serenity of our space. Hopefully it will become the place where dreams are fulfilled for you and your loved ones as well as it has for our family!


The Wright Family