taylor & travis

taylor & travis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope everyone has enjoyed time with those they love! Thank you to Sara & Rocky for these pictures from Travis and Taylor’s wedding out at the ranch. Always enjoy having them out to Thistle Springs. Lagniappe did the floral and decor.


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While at Texas A&M University, Taylor was walking her dog and Travis drove by saying “it was love at first sight!” After dating 3 years, when Travis popped the question, they found Thistle Springs Ranch close to DFW, a beautiful barn with a water view ceremony sight hidden in the rolling hills… the owners being an Aggie family sealed the deal for them!

Taylor and Travis’s entire wedding weekend was established around their faith in the Lord supported by prayers of family and friends in the bride’s and groom’s rooms, a special time alone with Tay’s dad, mom and brother to pray, as well as the team at Thistle Springs Ranch praying for them as they served them…then hitched by the bride’s lifelong pastor and friend!

Kathleen and Cason were unbelievably attentive to every detail the entire evening and each one of the staff at Thistle Springs Ranch received a handwritten personal note of thanks from Taylor to them for the great service her family and friends received on their special day!

Lagniappe floral design helped Taylor consolidate her dream ideas into a beautiful design making the day full of flowers and stress free… attending each floral detail from the thistle tying the knives and forks to adorning the barn and gnarly cedar altar at the lake with flowers of Tay’s choice. 

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